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Memory and color collide. Chaos ensues.


Feature documentary, The Secret Life of Lance Letscher, follows internationally known collage artist Lance Letscher as he prepares for his momentous departure from intricately designed paper collage to metal, creating a large outdoor mural on the iconic stretch of South Congress Avenue in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

Structurally, the film weaves together an in-depth look at Lance’s painstaking artistic process with a deeply intimate portrait of the artist, revealing a life of tragedy and triumph. The impending metal mural drives the trajectory of the narrative, as we follow Lance on his journey to collect and craft this highly visible and complicated piece.

In his studio, work tables are piled high, dense with found materials and tools of his craft. Lance guides us through the process of meticulous cutting, gluing and layering to create his museum quality collages, in which the written word, memory, and color collide. 

Delving into Lance’s inner life, discussed intimately by the artist who teeters daily between darkness and light, his battle is apparent within the paintings, sculptures and collages that span over 30 years. Through additional interviews with collectors, fellow artists, art critics, galleries and friends and family, we get further insight into Lance’s restless mind and his tireless work ethic, while discovering the extraordinary and fascinating art form that is collage.